February 04, 2011

It seems you can never go wrong with White.

I am home from Atlanta and I did find great things that will be showing up at the store in the next couple of months - and yes as I promised myself I did put some effort into organizing my office - But spent last night putting together a dreamy bedroom in the big display window.

Tommy took the door off of an armoire that I had and added shelfs and painted it  for me.  The door didn't close right - but looks good just on it's own hanging on the wall.  It is a great piece from Cambridge, England.  Now of course I would like to take it home - but it is for sale.
I wanted to share a photo of one of my favorite vendors in the store - I love this new display that Billie did.
(Brocante Vintage)
 Please come and visit us on first Friday - which is actually today - I have got to stop staying up so late.  We will again be making a mess with a chocolate fountain - so please come check it out starting about 5:00pm - The other great stores in Camas will be open also with other chocolate adventures to try.  And of course our Tyler candles will be 20% off.

Please check it out on downtowncamas.com

See you soon at the store,


  1. The window is just as DREAMY as pictured, JoAnn!
    First Friday was another hit! Had SO much fun! :) Hugs, Raylene

  2. I adore the front window. I came around the corner and just had to stop and stare at all the fabulous stuff in there! Love the white :).


  3. JoAnn--as a fellow shop owner, i've enjoyed perusing your site. i, too, can be easily distracted from the much needed organizing of my office--i'd much rather work on a display window. your window is lovely.

  4. The window looks stunning......


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