March 03, 2015

Camas Antiques...Heading into Spring!

February's windows were a big hit with our customers!

Our enthusiastic and energetic dealer, Becky started the month off with a Parisian Café Valentine's Day themed display!
Once Valentine's Day had passed, Becky moved the red accents from the window and brought in more greens and yellows, changing up the look completely!
Thank you for all of your ambition and hard work on the window display, Becky!  You did a fabulous job!
It's so obvious that Jennifer had fun creating this industrial Route 66 look in the small window and it for sure caught the attention of everyone who passed by!  Thank you, Jennifer!
Mark your calendars for our annual birthday event!  Camas Antiques is celebrating 11 years on Friday March 20th and Saturday March 21st!  Birthday cake will be served, dealer sales will run Friday - Sunday and the first 50 customers on both Friday and Saturday will receive a gift of lemongrass soap!  Please head over to Facebook and join our event page!
Remember that Downton Abbey inspired servant's bell board in the window display back in January?  It was such a big hit that Tommy made a couple more!  We have one for sale here in the store and another is listed on Ebay!  Find the auction link here.
Thank you for stopping by!
See you at the store,