June 22, 2013

Sisters on the Fly !!!

We were so happy to be visited by Sisters on the Fly this week - Our little town of Camas was filled with fabulous Vintage Trailers.  Most were from the Idaho area - a few from Washington.  They are headed to Long Beach, Washington - to meet up with a group of 100 other club members.  All women - husbands stay home.  One of them had seen our Article in Sunset Magazine a few years ago and made us one of their stops.
Sylvia and Julie, both from Idaho, shared the insides of their trailers with Clark - who of course wants one badly now.  Look at Julie's vintage suitcase step stool.
Loved the souvenir belt trim on the doors.

 Very cool vintage thermos holder - freshly purchased at Camas Antiques.
 Love those interiors - okay -  I want one a trailer too.
See you soon,