January 12, 2011

January is the time to organize, right?

Which I have promised myself I am going to do in my office when I get back from Atlanta.  Here are some photos of our small window in front of the store.
Marci & Glen have transformed the front window into a general store - complete with a checker game ready to play and a great rattan wrapped bicycle.
We are set up for valentine's day - I found a great old candy tin.
And one thing we are never short of in the store are birds.
 As I said I am off to Atlanta - my plane leaves in 2 hours and so far they haven't canceled it yet.  I will again venture off to find some great gifts & home decor items that work well with the vintage furniture that we all love - see you in the store soon.


  1. Lovely post and as always, wonderful treasures. I'll be in this morning for a personal peek!

  2. I SOOO love your store. I just did a blog post (with lots of photos) about your glorious store! http://www.alleyartstudio.blogspot.com


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