August 10, 2011

Hope you didn't miss it !

I left to go to a Trade show the morning after BarnHouse Flea Market - so I am just posting photos now - It was crazy good.  This is a photo of Joe & Jermonne's space - incredible of Course.
 Billie (Brocanteur Vintage) & I on her fabulous couch. Billie and Kirk put together our beautiful umbrella'd shelter.

Just more photos of our space - notice the bottle tree - I have them in the store and everyone is always asking what they are.  Below are more photos of  the show -Some of the photos - I am not sure which vendors they were - I will have to take better notes next time -  but hope you enjoy..

Worthy Goods

I do remember this one - Happy Birthday Joe !


  1. JoAnn, thank you so much for including a photo of our Retreat booth in your post! You are wonderful...


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