March 18, 2011

Thanks to everyone that came and celebrated with us.

Chloe Rose was featured in one of our windows.
I love the little sink fountain that Christa and her husband made.
 Love this wagon!
Chris from Mack & Momma turned our front window into a party.
Complete with mustache straws that my grandson Ethan loved.
Chris has great mannequins and handmade hats.  This one with the bird has a nest on top.
We couldn't have a party without gifts - our Camas Antiques bags had a travel sewing kit - lotion & Candy.
I had to share these photos - my Granddaughter Paisley turned 5 last month - she called me and asked for high heel shoes - so of course I went straight to Nordstrom like any other crazy Nana would do  - There were if you can believe it 4 choices of high heel shoes for little girls.  Yes these feet belong to a 5 year old.

Paisley posing for me when I asked her to look like a French model.

See you soon at the store,


  1. Wish I could have spent the entire weekend there! Paisley is adorable......


  2. I bought a chair from one of your vendors/employees last week. I told her it would be on my website if she was interested. Well the chair is up. And I love it!! Tell her to go to


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