August 05, 2010

An Incredible 5 hours.

Last Saturday at Barnhouse it all seemed to happen very fast - it was extremely busy and so much fun.  I can understand why everyone loves to do these shows.  I am so glad joe & jermonne asked us to participate.  I of course forgot my camera that day - Tracey took this photo. 

Everyone was intrigued with the mini-garden that we took to Barnhouse - We sell the small garden pieces in the store.  It is in the store now if you would like to take a look.
In the Middle of all of the Barnhouse set up - Billie (Brocante Vintage) and laura (two birds vintage)  re-did the front window - they have a large space in the back of the store - I love their style.

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  1. So many beautiful things to look at. Just Lovely!


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